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Don’t get caught out with a bad image. Your logo is the one thing people see when they associate you and your business. It has to be eye-catching, pertinent to your business, engaging, and positive (no sad faces or broken objects). If a dentist had an image of a scared patient,  not many people would want to go to that dentist, now would they?


  • Personally crafted Logo Design
  • Design a Logo relevant to your business
  • Use of appropriate Colours
  • Use of appropriate Fonts
  • Select from a range of Customised Design options
  • No generic template designs
  • We work with you until you are Happy


We will personally craft and customise a new website for you from the ground up, or renovate and update your current one. We work with you to realise your vision. These days your website needs to work on all devices. We will ensure it does. Your website needs to be functional. We make sure it is.


  • Bespoke Website with YOU in mind
  • Take you through the process and what to expect
  • Work with you on Your Content and Blog ideas
  • Original Content written in-house (no overseas outsourcing)
  • Use of Your Own and Stock Images
  • Fully Responsive across ALL devices
  • Ongoing Support and Training


Our job is to ensure your website is live, stable, updated, secure and ranking. Is your current provider doing the job? If not then talk to us, you may even save money whilst getting a better result.


  • Monthly Updates including Security & the Latest Versions
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Updates
  • Checking Links & Backlinks are Up-to-Date
  • Monthly Backups are Performed
  • A Monthly Blog Post and Images using Original Content
  • Website Health Check
  • Provide Monthly Analysis Reports on your Websites Performance


Taken to the next level in your journey is a totally new look for your business. While the logo is a main part of this, it can also involve a name change, your company colours, pretty much Your Whole Image! This process incorporates your target market, your key values, what you want to put across, and where you see yourself in the future is crucial in cementing the look and direction of your business.


  • Image Evaluation & Advice
  • Custom Made Logo Design
  • Complete Business Branding
  • Complete overhaul to Rebrand Your Business
  • Industry Specific & Relevant
  • Effective Launch or Relaunch of Your Brand


Getting customers to find you is the goal. We work hard to optimise your site so it appears on Google and other search engines. Other online marketing options or special campaigns may be what you need. We have strategies that work and we help you understand the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ to move forward.

Together we’ll come up with a plan!


  • Site Evaluation & Advice
  • Create Original Content
  • Identify and Utilise Key Strengths
  • Target Niche Specific Areas
  • Social Media
  • Links & Affiliates
  • Blog


These are exciting times, more so to build an online presence. Recent health restrictions have impacted greatly on how we do business, and has made us look at how we do business moving forward. We can help you develop the best way to optimise your strengths and knowledge, focusing on what you love dong the most.


  • Research Your Relevant Industry
  • Re-evaluate Your Business Direction
  • Look at Sustainable Options
  • Look at Alternative Target Markets
  • Real vs. Online Business
  • Time Management/Focus Areas
  • Adapt Your Mindset
  • Establish Long Term Goals

Bespoke Logo Design

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