The Ultimate ‘Brand’ Spring Clean

'Brand' Spring Clean

Okay, so it’s awhile until Spring arrives. But there’s no better time to do a spring clean than right now.
Have you got an existing brand with an outdated logo drawn in Quark XPress back in the year 2000? And you’ve adjusted it slightly as the years rolled on or you’ve adjusted the slogan? The good news is you’re not alone. But that’s where the good news ends. If you have a brand that has twenty different variations on a theme or logo, then the result is a mish-mash where there’s no clear, consistent company image. So what can you do?

First off, make sure your existing branding is recognizable (in a good way), is styled in a way that transcends time, and most of all that you’re happy with. If you’re not happy with your existing brand, don’t waste further time – contact us now before you give up altogether.

Secondly, make a list of all the places your brand is featured such as:-
Website; Letterheads (Physical and Email) & Envelopes; Social Media Platforms; Business Cards; Vehicle Wraps; Apparel (T-Shirts, Shirts, Caps/Hats); Billboards; Flyers; Advertisements (Newspaper, Magazine and/or Television); Sponsorship mentions for charity events; Sandwich Boards; Shopping Bags; Balloons and the list goes on.

Thirdly, Scrutinize! Look for inconsistencies (such as colour variation), discrepancies (misspelt or altered wording, or parts missing) or anything that causes a difference across these platforms. Throw out old t-shirts or uniforms with the old logo or slogan on them as they only serve to confuse people. Remember, people look for consistency in a business brand as it represents clarity and unity, and that the company hasn’t lost its way. Make sure your slogan represents exactly what the business is about or what you promise to deliver.

If you have the original files (which you should have – and the high quality files at that!), then it should be easy enough to make sure all the immediate things you can change like Social Media Platforms are all uniform, and that you change any inconsistencies with future batches of Business Cards, Advertisements or Flyers before printing. If the Car Wrap needs an update anyway (or you’re changing your company car) then now is the right time to ensure the file for that is up to date.

There are two main reasons for having a brand – awareness and consistency. Make it easy to recognize, easy to remember, and easy to use across all platforms. If you have a successful brand that people know and trust, then it will definitely help when it comes time to sell the business down the track (if that’s an avenue you want to explore).

If you want to completely start afresh or don’t have a brand yet, then contact us at The Wheels On The Bus for a free confidential evaluation of your current branding and how we can offer suggestions going forward. A new look to your brand can also of benefit as it shows a renewed interest by the owner to invest in their business for future longevity as well as feature these changes on a blog or post for your website and social media platforms.

Don’t be left in the dark!

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