What’s in a Name?

Brand Name Ideas

In a world where information and technology is being fed into our brain at a rapid speed, being a business has its work cut out when deciding on a name that stands out from the rest. Even television advertisements won’t do you any good unless the name and/or the jingle grab the viewers attention. It’s your business identity – something you will have to live with for the life of your business. So the less time explaining the name to every potential customer or client the better. It’s not an easy task, but following these tips could help you from pulling your hair out in frustration.

Brand Name Ideas
  1. Brainstorming
    This is the best way to get out all the ideas that have formed in your head so far. Sometimes it’s best to go ‘old school’ and write names down on a blank piece of paper, a whiteboard or a chalkboard leading out from a sun, light bulb or tree. Ask friends and family for their input – you never know where a great name will come from. Look at what your competitors have used.
  2. Think Outside the Square
    I always find the next wave of ideas comes from common idioms and catchphrases, nursery rhymes and film titles. These are things we as children all grew up with and know, and is where we got our name as it instantly ignites the nursery rhyme in peoples heads and they start mentally singing the next line “…go round and round”. If you own a security business then a good name may come from the catchphrase ”Safe as Houses”. Once you start, you end up on a roll, so have fun and you will end up with a good amount of ideas.
  3. Foreign Words
    Sometimes foreign words can work a treat. Some words are already embedded into the English language such as ‘cuisine’ and ‘decor’. So if you have a business in furniture and home accessories, you could call it ”Decadent Decor” for example.
  4. Thesaurus
    Often we focus too much on certain words to see the bigger picture. If you have come up with a name idea but it’s already taken, try finding a similar word to use instead – you never know, it could just be better than your first idea. Crossword clue solving websites are also a great idea for finding alternative words.
    Sometimes the best ideas come to you when you’re in bed, so keep a pen and paper nearby to jot them down so you don’t forget them in the morning.
    Narrow down your list of possibilities to half a dozen or so (that you would be happy to go with), and check to see if the business name is firstly available, then if it is check if it’s available as a URL address for your website. You don’t have to end the address with .com or .com.au anymore – there are many other TDL’s (Top Level Domains) to choose from. For example, if you’re in the flower arranging industry, you could use .florist to complete your address. This could also be handy for your business name. If your business name is ‘Ground Roots Florist’ for instance, then you could have www.groundroots.florist which is an interesting spin.
    If you are still struggling or would like a fresh pair of eyes and input, then feel free to contact us – we love coming up with ideas.
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